Zara – ZBrush Character Modeling

November 2017

Starting with character concept art, I fully modeled and textured this gargoyle character using ZBrush.

Zara_Portrait3D 2D Layout Combined


George – An animated short

Inspired by J. Stuart Blackton, I created an animated short to describe a painter’s goal of bringing his creations to life. From concept to completion, I am responsible for all visual aspects of the film, including modeling and rigging the character using Autodesk Maya.

Model Sheet



Cat vs. Mouse Renders

3D Model and Environment created using Autodesk Maya

I fully modeled and rendered an extraterrestrial landscape to play off the classic cat and mouse rivalry. The renders were created in Arnold using Ai Fog and an Ai Standard Shader for translucent bubble texture.

Render1 copyRender2 copyRender3Render4


I modeled an intricate Celtic-inspired silver ring with a large citrine stone in the center. Below are wireframe views of the model along with an incorporated final render.



Diesel – 3D Animation Practice

December 2015

Responsible for full modeling, rigging, and animation